b'77th ANNUAL MEETING AGENDAMarch 16, 20242024 Annual Meeting AgendaBusiness Meeting 10:00 am via in personCall to OrderChairperson, Byron WatanabeI. Certication of QuorumII. Approval of Standing RulesFirst Action Item Approval of Minutes of2023 Annual MeetingSecond Action Item Approval of Annual ReportsIII. Report of the President/CEOIV. Report of the ChairmanV. Report of the TreasurerVI. Report of the Supervisory CommitteeVII. Report of the PR CommitteeThird Action Item Report of the Financial OfcerFourth Action Item Report of the Nominating CommitteeVIII. Board of Directors, 3-year terma. Roberta Charlesb. Byron Watanabec. Mark KunimotoFifth Action Item Unnished BusinessSixth Action Item New BusinessSeventh Action Item ElectionBusiness Meeting Adjournment'