b"CHAIRPERSONS REPORT 2023ANNUAL REPORTAloha and welcome to our 77th annual meeting. 2023 has been a tough year for Hawaii as we strive to deal with COVID and an ever-changing economy with high-interest rates in the hope of stabilizing ination. As well as the Maui re that will continue to affect Hawaii's economy. While many credit unions nationwide struggle, we still strive to expand and grow.We keep our hearts in our community in nding ways to assist our members with our fantas-tic staff that has listened to the needs of our community. We have sought to network with our community. We strive to bring the best tools and programs to our industry that will better help our growing membership and community.Our Treasurer's report shows a solid and stable nancial outlook in the ever-changing tough economy that we have ever seen. We continue to be ahead of our peers across the country. We continue to accomplish growth in this tough economy. We continue to follow the ground-work to grow and achieve nancial stability for our members.We introduced our Economic Resiliency Center named Kalukalu at 1624 (The former Otsuka's site). It's been a monumental process in preparation for the site to help consolidate several satellite sites into one with our growing staff's needs. This will enable us to expand and estab-lish economic programs. It will establish us as a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) to better serve the underserved in our community, with a clear vision that will focus on an Economic Resilience center that will include a long-awaited Kapaa Branch. It will ll and include services and programs to fulll the critical needs of our communities.Our CEO, Monica Belz, and her outstanding and incredibly talented staff have accomplished many milestones to get us where we are today, with the critical accomplishment of keeping our credit union safe and sound for our members and their assets.On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, please join me in offering sincerestcongratulations and deepest MAHALO to the Staff and Volunteers for all their hard work and noteworthy successes this past year.Aloha and God bless.Byron WatanabeChairperson, Board of Directors"